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Right The First Time 

Thank You for considering me to do your
Home Inspection.
My inspection includes:
2 to 4 hours in the field.
I will request that you join me on the walk through, this is to help you understand the home.
I will point out any defects issues from the roof to the foundation and over 400 components in between.
I will also explain maintenance that you should do to keep your home in its best shape.
4 to 5 hours in my office.
You will receive a report by Email (PDF) for reference and to document my findings.
The inspection report is usually around 40 pages and will include pictures highlighting my findings.
My inspection report is highly detailed with custom narratives about the home being inspected. It is not a checklist. Because this type of report takes longer I will need 24 hours to get this report to you.
A home inspection is an objective visual non-destructive examination to evaluate the current condition of the systems and structure of a home, from the roof to the foundation and over 400 components in between It is a paid service and takes about 2-3 hours depending on the age and size of the property.

Home inspections hold equal importance when it comes to safety, and if a problem is discovered, the inspector may recommend further evaluation by specialists. The idea is to identify any electrical, mechanical, plumbing or structural faults that may adversely affect the value of the property or may cause a threat to the lives of the people working or residing in it.
A home inspection can bring to your attention those minor defects that have been ignored before they become a major problem. This saves time, money and the inconvenience that you would have to endure while undergoing an emergency repair, in order to ensure that all visible defects are identified well in advance and expert advice is provided to rectify the problem. A home inspection is not a warranty or insurance program but a method to assist you in understanding the condition of your new home.
The inspection should be carried out by a
 Delaware licensed home inspection professional.
Kenneth Bendfeldt
Delaware Home Inspector
Professional License # H4-0000011
Certified Home Inspector
NACHI ID # 10101103
Cedar Rock Construction
Owner / Operator
Licensed and Insured
Delaware License No. 2004206254
Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors
Hiring an independent home inspector to assist you with the evaluation of your property is essential.
Selecting the right home inspector is not an easy task.
While price may be a concern, so should the inspector's qualifications,
including their experience in the industry, thoroughness and training.
Cedar Rock Construction's Home Inspection is a one man (with the help of one woman) operation.
I will be there on every inspection.
Price shopping is a very risky way of choosing an inspection company:
Home inspection fees vary widely. The price of a quality inspection depends on the size, age, location and complexity of the home or property, the demand and level of experience of the home inspector and any added services such as water, termite, mold, radon, septic etc.
There is no "one size fits all".
At Home Inspections Delaware, you get a thorough inspection at a affordable price.
Lower fees should be regarded with suspicion, as they often identify those who are new to the business or who do not spend sufficient time performing the inspection.
A home is the most expensive commodity you are likely to purchase in a lifetime. One defect missed by your inspector could cost 100 times what you save with a bargain inspection.
The best method of price shopping is to shop for quality and ask for references.
Regardless of cost, it could be a very expensive mistake to buy without a home inspection.
Call me now to schedule your inspection appointment,
Home Inspections Delaware is a service of
Cedar Rock Construction.
Licensed and Insured
Delaware License No. 2004206254



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